The Caterham Race Series

The Caterham Race Series is the perfect place to start your racing career. You can start at the bottom learning the ropes in the Academy Championship and over the next 4 years can progress all the way through to the 310 Championship in the same car. If you then decide you want to go further the formidable 420 Championship may be the right place to end up.

Caterham Academy

The Caterham Academy is the perfect introduction to motorsport. Exclusively for drivers who have had no previous race experience, the Academy is an all-inclusive package containing every element required to start and compete in motorsport.

The Academy package is unique. Available only to complete novices, it ensures a level playing field that guarantees all competitors have the same amount of experience - which is none! This means that the Academy driver can be assured that they will be sharing their first season in motorsport with twenty-seven other drivers in exactly the same position. No secret racing legends from years gone by. No former champions. No past masters. It really is that simple. This is also combined with very closely controlled regulations which mean that Academy drivers will be racing in identical machinery. Team support is not allowed in this series, so technical support is provided as part of the Academy package at every event by Caterham. In this way, those with little or no mechanical experience are not at any disadvantage and you can't buy your way to the front of the grid.

Included in the price of the Academy is not only the season of competition but all the steps a novice will need to get them ready for it too. The new field of Academy drivers take their racing-driver (ARDS) tests together in February, followed by a car-control day, then an exclusive circuit test day, all before the competition begins with two sprints. Along the way, technical training and support is given by Caterham before the season reaches its climax with five races at top UK circuits.

Caterham Academy
Caterham Academy

Caterham Roadsport Championship​

The Roadsport Championship is the next rung on the ladder for drivers who have enjoyed their first season of motorsport in the Caterham Academy Championship.

Originally introduced as Roadsport-B in 2002, the Roadsport Championship is the next rung up the ladder from the introductory season in the Caterham Academy Championship. This championship is so popular that entry is limited solely to just the previous year’s Academy drivers and in some cases ‘invited’ novice drivers. This ensures that the level playing field the drivers enjoyed in the Academy are continued for another year, and any rivalries for racing glory can continue for another season! The other advantage of the Roadsport Championship is that it utilises the same car driven in the Academy, albeit with some minor upgrades to extract some additional performance from the car to complement the driver's developing skills.

Team support is not allowed in the Caterham Roadsport Championship and therefore, like in the Academy, central technical support from Caterham is mandatory.

Caterham  270 Race Series
Caterham 270 Race Series

Caterham 270R Championship

So, you've been introduced to motorsport by the Academy Championship and learnt the ropes in the Roadsport Championship. It is time to take things up a gear with the Caterham Seven 270R Championship, and this is where Williams can help.

Initially called Supersport in 2010 and 2011, the championship was renamed Tracksport for 2012, before becoming Seven 270R for the 2017 season. The modifications made to the Sigma engine at Roadsport level provide scope to increase the rev-limit on the engine from 6800rpm to 7200rpm. This requires a re-map of the ECU and new injectors to cope with the increased fuelling. The additional revs provide a modest increase in performance to make use of the aero benefits of running without a windscreen.

In line with the increased level of performance of both the car and the drivers, team support is allowed (but not mandatory) in the Caterham Seven 270R Championship.


The ultimate progression of the Academy car was introduced in 2012 as the Supersport championship and immediately established itself as an enormously popular and fiercely contested championship, with capacity grids and the closest racing. Supersport re-introduced a level previously contested from 1993 to 2005. For 2017, a new engine and new name replace the series; Seven 310R; whilst keeping the elements that made it so popular, primarily the addition of a limited slip differential.

In line with the increased level of performance of both the car and the drivers, team support from Williams is allowed in the Caterham Seven 310R Championship.

Caterham 310
Chris Aubrey one of our customers


The Seven 420R Championship is the pinnacle of Caterham Seven Motorsport and our flagship series. It delivers more power, more speed and more competition.

Launched in 2009, the Superlight R300 provided a stepping stone between the then Roadsport-A category and the R400. However, the R300 proved to be such an easy and rewarding car to drive, that the lap times came close to that of its much more powerful stablemate and it quickly became the premier Caterham series. Rebranded Seven 420R for 2017, the philosophy behind the Seven 420R is to provide a considerable step in performance without making it necessary to have team support. The suspension on the car has fixed rate springs and dampers, like a Roadsport, reducing the need for testing and simplifying car set-up – both of which help ensure the level playing field of competition. However, professional support is prevalent in Seven 420R racing and it’s great to see the teams in the Caterham paddock promoting our championships.

In line with the increased level of performance of both the car and the drivers, team support by Williams Caterham is allowed in the Caterham 420 Championship.

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