Race car prep is vital to make sure your car is in the best possible condition everytime you go out on track. We offer short race car spanner checks for customers each time they go out along with checking engine and mapping.Along with all routine service work we can undertake the following.

  • Full race geometry check
  • 4 wheel alignment, ride height, camber/castor & bump steer
  • Corner weighting to race-winning specifications
  • Full brake fluid change/bleed
  • Replace/condition brake disks. Pad upgrades
  • Full engine service including cam belt, oil change etc.
  • Full ECU diagnostics for Sigma & Duratec engines
  • ECU Remaps
  • Compression/leakage report including internal inspection of cylinders (Ford Sigma & Duratec)
  • Engine power test
  • Chassis repair using Caterham Westbury.
  • Vinyl wrap
  • Custom race car builds