Contact Williams Caterham / Motorsport today for more information on the Caterham Academy. We can sell you the car, offer all the advice, do the support and upgrades required, offer driver coaching and more.


Academy Race Car Setup - The highly competitive nature of the academy racing requires both the driver and car to be 100%. We set up cars to be capable of racing at the front of the grid. Our race car set ups have an unrivalled history of championship wins including drivers within the Caterham Academy.

Bespoke Seat Fitting - A bespoke race seat makes a huge difference providing comfort, a lower seat position and support. Most of our customers have one of these fitted.

Extras and Upgrades - We offer a number of extras and upgrades that you dont get when you purchase your academy car. From side impact bar, mirrors, heat tape, upgraded race pads we can supply and fit these items.

Service checks - We offer race readiness checks before you head out on track. We will highlight any areas of the car that require additional work to comply with the regulations or to improve race performance. Our service process is designed to detect and prevent mechanical failures as a result of track use. We check that critical nuts and bolts are correctly torqued and wheel bearings correctly adjusted.

Custom Wraps - We arrange an organise full custom wraps for our customers. This is a bespoke service and each car is designed and tailered for each customer.

Driver Coaching - We offer full driver coaching. In addition to technical support, Williams provides driver coaching as an integrated part of the at-circuit support package which includes a unique video sharing capability. Being able to view a video record is a great aid to gaining the most from limited on-track test time. Contact us for full info.

Track Day Support - Gain the most out of a track day with focused support and coaching. We help you on the day to get the most out of your car including set up changes and support working with our driver coach to make sure you as a driver improves.