Morgan unveils the Plus Four CX-T, a car with adventure at its core. A vehicle with capability not yet
witnessed on aMorgan sports car, it opens up the possibility of routes, landscapes and destinations
inaccessible by Morgan cars untilnow.

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is inspired by Morgan’s well documented history of competing in all-terrain
endurancetrials. As early as 1911, Morgan sports cars were competing and winning in trials competitions,
and this spirit ofadventure has been key to shaping the Morgan brand ever since. The more adventurous
journeys that are frequentlyundertaken by Morgan customers all over the world have further fuelled the
desire for Morgan to imagine the PlusFour CX-T.

Following the launch of the Plus Four in 2020, Morgan partnered with Rally Raid UK, renowned creator of
Dakar racecars, to jointly design and engineer the Plus Four CX-T. One of the aims of the project is to
demonstrate the capabilityand durability of Morgan’s new CX-Generation platform, along with the Plus
Four upon which the CX-T is based. Just eight vehicles will be built, priced from £170,000 plus local
taxes and supplied in full overland specification.

EveryPlus Four CX-T is built at Morgan’s factory in Malvern, Worcestershire, before undergoing the final
preparation and setup at Rally Raid UK’s own workshop facilities. Morgan’s design and engineering team
have worked alongside RallyRaid UK throughout the programme to define the concept, specification,
technical attributes, and aesthetic of the model.

CX-T Technical details

The exterior of the Plus Four CX-T is designed to maximise luggage and equipment carrying capacity, and
provide theoccupant protection necessary for extreme environments. Simultaneously, Morgan has ensured
that its visual designreflects this capability and purposefulness.

Most prominently, the rear panel of the vehicle has been replaced with an equipment rack, with unique
side bodypanels designed to be reminiscent of the classic four-seater Morgan.

The rack houses two ruggedised and waterproof Pelican luggage cases, a Zarges aluminium tool/storage box,
twoRotopax 11-litre containers and two spare wheel/tyre assemblies. Additionally, for those who venture
further off thebeaten track, recovery equipment is mounted on the exterior of the car within easy reach
when required. All exteriormounting systems for all storage and equipment have been painstakingly
engineered to be tough and easy to accesswhen needed.

The external protective exoskeleton can also be adapted to carry leisure equipment such as bikes and surf
boards, tocompliment the lifestyle activities of the owner, while the removable side screens can be
mounted onto the roof of thevehicle, allowing them to be carried unobtrusively in case of a change in
weather conditions.

Rally Raid UK undertook a complete study of the standard Plus Four vehicle to determine the possibilities
for theconversion. This study included durability assessments of the platform, drivetrain, and
suspension systems.

The suspension has been designed to be expedition ready: tough and fit for purpose. Durability, and a
drive-overobstacle clearance of 230mm, has been achieved using modified Plus Six wishbones. These widen
the track and allowfor the extra arc of movement required to achieve the desired suspension performance.
The wheel arch apertureshave also been modified, allowing the suspension to compress deep into the wheel
well, providing maximum tractionand stability.

EXE-TC coilover assemblies with internal bump stops are used, these have been developed by EXE-TC
specifically forthe vehicle. These assemblies are born from off-road competition, and are calibrated to
provide the ideal balance ofcompliance and durability.

In addition to the main suspension hardware, the lower suspension arms contain bespoke bushes which
further increasedurability. The combined suspension package is optimised to undertake journeys never
before attempted in a Morgansports car, while ensuring composure and comfort during any excursion into
the back country.

A five-piece underbody protection system – comprising an engine guard, rear chassis guard, mid-section
shield and rearundertray – helps to protect the chassis and important components from damage when
driving in extreme conditions.The car is also fitted with a full bespoke exhaust system with rear
side-exit that improves the departure angle andcontributes to 230mm of ground clearance.

The Plus Four CX-T uses a BMW X-Drive electronic differential with bespoke software, calibrated and
tested specificallyfor the application. Switches inside the cabin allow a choice of three modes to be
selected depending upon the drivingconditions; each mode varies the degree of differential lock that is
applied. Selecting ‘Road’ mode fully opens thedifferential, while ‘All-Terrain’ mode applies
approximately 45% lock to the rear differential, allowing some variationtorque distribution between the
rear wheels. ‘All-Terrain – Extreme’ mode fully locks the rear differential, providing equal torque to
both rear wheels. The two All-Terrain modes are designed to be used when tackling rough surfacesand
low-traction conditions. The final drive ratio has also been shortened to account for the larger
diameter tyres andsuit all-terrain usage.

Inside the cabin of the Plus Four CX-T features have been added to improve occupant comfort and usability
in remoteenvironments. A RAM mount track is built into to the dashboard to allow the secure fixing of a
variety of devices suchas phones or cameras. A flexible map light, pencil and notebook holder have also
been integrated, all designed towithstand operation in harsh driving environments.

Cabin stowage has also been optimised with the addition of a removable map/document holder and insulated
cool bag,both located in the passenger footwell. A custom-made first aid kit is mounted to the internal
roll cage behind the seats.Just like the exterior equipment, every interior feature has been designed
with accessibility and convenience in mind,whether this is for use in remote conditions or the leisure
pursuits of the owner. The cabin is enclosed within acomposite hard top which is unique to the Plus Four
CX-T and has been intricately engineered to fit between theinternal and external roll cages.

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is the second of two special projects being produced by Morgan in 2021, with
the firstbeing the Plus 8 GTR. The introduction of the Plus Four CX-T also coincides with the
announcement of Model Year22 updates to the Plus Four and Plus Six, and helps to inform technical and
aesthetic advancements for Morgan’scurrent and future range of vehicles. The Plus Four CX-T is on sale
immediately, with all vehicles due to be built beforethe end of 2021.

Only 2 of these Morgan Plus Four CX-Ts are avaialble. For more information contact Williams Morgan today
on 01454315112.

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