Ceramic Paint Coatings

Ceramic Coatings: What Are They and Should You Get One?

Williams we always want the best for our customers and cars. We have been using ceramic coatings
for many years (even if we don’t shout about it) and want to explain in detail what this is and
how it will benifit your sports car.

you are looking for an incredibly long-lasting way to protect your car’s exterior from the
elements, then you’ve probably heard of the term “ceramic coating” before. This is a clear
coating formulated for use on the paint, glass and alloys, to provide years of protection. Here
is everything you need to know about ceramic coatings and why they are so beneficial.

Ceramic coatings
contain silicon dioxide, typically derived from quartz crystals in a liquid format. When applied
to a car’s exterior, the coating forms a clear layer of protection which is very hydrophobic,
slick, and durable. The overall aim is to keep the car looking cleaner and newer for longer. It
also makes the car much easier to clean in the future.

Who Are Ceramic Coatings Aimed Towards?

Ceramic coatings appeal to sports car owners who want their vehicle to look
great and stay cleaner for longer. Many new car owners opt for ceramic coatings because they provide
a high-level of protection and outstanding durability to help keep the car looking newer for longer,
but that doesn’t mean that older vehicles won’t benefit. Ceramic coating an older car is a wise
choice because it helps to avoid the vehicle from showing its age by keeping the exterior

Advantages of Ceramic Coatings

There are numerous features of ceramic coatings which make them a stand-out exterior protection option

  • Outstanding durability
  • High-level of protection
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Impressive hydrophobicity
  • High-gloss finish
  • Scratch-resistance

Outstanding Durability

Ceramic coatings typically last for several years, and the most premium grades can even last up to 5
years. They last far longer than more traditional forms of paint protection. Typically natural waxes
last only a few months, and sealants last around 6-12 months on average. This is one of the reasons why
choosing a ceramic coating is becoming such a popular option, because it gives car owners peace of mind
that their vehicle is protected, even if they don’t get chance to re-wax it every few months.

High Level of Protection

The level of protection that a ceramic coating gives to the vehicle’s exterior is also outstanding. All
cars are subject to abuse by the elements, even if you dont use yours to often.

Ceramic coatings are able to protect the
exterior from:

  1. UV rays
  2. Water spots
  3. Dirt and grime
  4. Other “contaminants”

Exposure to UV rays will cause the paintwork to become dull over time. The structure of the paintwork on
modern cars means that a clear layer of paint, known as the “clear coat”, sits on top of the base layer,
which provides the car’s colour. The aim of the clear coat is to shield the base coat so the colour
stays looking vibrant.

However, the clear coat will eventually wear away over time, leaving the base coat exposed to UV rays
which cause it to fade quickly. Ceramic coatings shield the clear coat to prevent it from degrading and
consequently, help to keep the colour looking fresh.

Water spots are also particularly damaging to the paintwork. Whilst they may seem harmless, the chalky
residue left behind from the water when it evaporates can be corrosive to the paintwork. This residue is
essentially, all the impurities that were being held in the water. If left to sit on the paintwork, it
can cause “etching”, which means a small groove will form where the clear coat has eroded. Ceramic
coatings prevent this from happening by providing a resistant layer of protection to maintain the
integrity of the clear coat.

Have you ever felt your car’s paintwork when it was clean, and noticed that it still feels rough? This is
because there are embedded “contaminants” in the paint. These include water spots, tar, iron fallout
(from brake disks, industry and railways) and tree sap. These contaminants cannot be removed by routine
washing once they become embedded in the clear coat. Not only do they cause it to feel rough, but they
also contribute to an overall dull appearance. One of the protective roles of a ceramic coating, is to
prevent this contamination building up.

Contaminants find it a lot harder to stick to ceramic coatings, so can be more easily washed away. And
even if they do manage to attach to the coating, they will not penetrate through to the paintwork,
keeping it protected.

Impressive Hydrophobicity

Another massive benefit of applying a ceramic coating to your car, is that is provides a super
hydrophobic layer of protection. This is really useful for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it helps to keep the car looking cleaner. When you drive in the rain, dirty water from the road
will spray up onto the lower panels of the car. If it is allowed to dry, then it will leave a layer of
dirt and grime on the paintwork. Ceramic coatings allow the water to “sheet” off the surface, leaving it
dry. Hence, the dirt and grime are unable to cling to the paint.

This ability of the coating to sheet water off the surface, instead of letting it sit on the panel, also
prevents water spots and stains. On an uncoated car, the water will stick to the paintwork and
evaporate, leaving water spots behind. On a ceramic coating, this water beads up and rolls off the
paintwork, particularly if you drive the car after it has rained. This helps to remove the surface water
and keep the finish water spot-free.

High Gloss Finish

Everyone wants a shinier looking car, so it’s good news to know that ceramic coatings are prized for
leaving a high-gloss finish to the paintwork. This is due to both the coating’s properties, and the
preparation that goes into applying them properly, which really enhances the finish.

Scratch Resistenace

Since ceramic coatings form a tough layer of protection on the surface, it is probably not a massive
surprise that this offers some level of scratch-resistance. It will not protect the car from deeper
scratches; however, it does provide some protection from minor clear coat scratches, which are commonly
inflicted during the wash process. A build-up of these clear coat scratches causes the paintwork to look
dull over-time.

It’s important to note though, that ceramic coatings will not make the paintwork scratch-proof by any
means, but it is reassuring to know that they offer a step-up in terms of protection when compared to

The Next Stage

If you are interested in having your sports car professionly ceramic coated then please feel free to
contact Williams and we can discuss options. Each car is different depending on age and paint type but
once complete to will be a huge benefit to you and your car.

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