All New Morgan 3 Wheeler

The All New Morgan 3 Wheeler

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When did you last regard a journey by motor car as an adventure?

We at Williams are very pleased to announce that Morgan will launch an all-new 3 Wheeler very shortly – a
thoroughly modern machine using the same advanced aluminium chassis technology as the new Plus Four and
Plus Six roadsters, but which the firm claims will offer the same raw driving experience as the outgoing
10-year-old model.

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The release below has us very excited and we know we have a good following of people interested in
this new model. If you wish to register your details for more information first or even place a
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  • The vehicle in the accompanying photographs is confirmed as the
    replacement for the Morgan 3 Wheeler undergoing testing.
  • The new model will be defined by its all-new design, significant
    engineering enhancements, and a spirit of adventure.
  • New design language inspired by the early jet age ensures that the new
    model will be instantly recognisable from its predecessors.
  • The all-new model will be powered by an internal combustion engine at
    launch, specifically an inline three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine from Ford
  • The use of a Ford engine continues Morgan’s long-established
    application of Ford engines. In fact, the company has used Ford engines in both three and
    four-wheeled models since 1933.

Malvern, 1 September 2021

The Morgan Motor Company has confirmed it is working on an all-new three-wheeled vehicle to replace the
outgoing Morgan 3 Wheeler. An early glimpse of the model shows a heavily disguised engineering prototype
undergoing durability testing.

Having previously stated “The Morgan 3 Wheeler will return”, this announcement of a new model officially
marks the beginning of the next chapter in the story of Morgan’s three-wheeled vehicles.

Whilst a name is not confirmed for the new three-wheeled model, it will be defined by an all-new design,
adventurous character, and significant engineering advancements. In particular, the vehicle will take
inspiration from the many owners of the outgoing model that have embraced adventure travel and touring,
and whose incredible journeys have reached all corners of the globe.

Whilst many details on the new model are yet to be announced, the use of an internal combustion engine
can be confirmed. Specifically, a naturally aspirated inline three-cylinder Ford engine, which continues
the company’s long-standing use of Ford powerplants. Its testing and durability programme marks the most
extensive validation of any Morgan ever developed.

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