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Morgan is celebrating the original inspirations for its rebellious Super 3 with a limited-edition series of commissions known as Super 3 Origins. The collection features nine unique specifications – each of which is limited to just nine examples – that embody an inspiration theme that was prevalent during the formative design stages of Super 3.

Launched today, Super 3 Origins displays an eclectic and versatile mix of commissions, each one featuring specially selected colours, intricate paintwork, liveries, bespoke features and accessories. Inspirations range from the emergence of the jet age, the space race, the pop art movement, American boulevard cruisers, belly tank racers, 80s tech, and science-fiction.

“Super 3 presents a unique proposition within the industry, sitting at the intersection of auto and moto culture. And most importantly, it’s always evolving. These nine new specials are proof of that continuing evolution.

“The Super 3’s aesthetic is derived from its mechanical function and the very broad outlook adopted by the creative team at Morgan. We drew inspiration from other industries, artistic and industrial movements, and sampled the ‘best bits’ from multiple decades of design. This is the story we wanted to tell with the Super 3 Origins collection.

“When we first presented Super 3 in April 2022, we defined three ‘characters’ – Classic, Contemporary, and Touring – that reflected the varied nature of the model and the way in which three-wheeled Morgan owners, and motorcyclists used their vehicles. The latest nine specifications are new characters in the story of Super 3.

“This project has been immersive for all departments within Morgan, who’ve taken pleasure in revisiting and categorising the key inspirations behind Super 3. Those inspirations have manifested themselves in nine striking editions that complete the Super 3 Origins collection. We hope that they capture Super 3’s striking yet honest design and its ability for bold self-expression. It’s a product for which its success is measured in smiles, and one that embodies a statement of the creative and coachbuilding talent of the people within Morgan.”

Jonathan Wells, Chief Design Officer, Morgan Motor Company

The nine Super 3 Origins commissions comprise…

Super 3 Origins Bluebird Landscape 01 - Williams Automobiles


The Bluebird commission takes inspiration from the free-flowing aerodynamic forms of Bluebird CN7, the gas turbine-powered land speed record car driven by Donald Campbell. Morgan has worked with the Campbell family to seek approval for the special commission, which pays homage to Campbell’s legacy. Its striking blue paintwork – matched exactly to CN7 itself – features prominently and includes mudguards and cockpit hoops. The Bluebird emblem is proudly displayed on the bonnet, whilst inside the vehicle a machine-turned aluminium dashboard and Bluebird plaque are the stand-out features.


The Boulevard Cruiser commission features Frozen Berry paintwork and is inspired by the pastel shades and slow-motoring appeal of 1950s American automobiles. Featuring aluminium strips on the side of the body and a custom ‘S3 Boulevard’ deco-style badge. On the interior, Ivory Typhoon Leather upholstery coordinates with a matching leather trimmed Moto-Lita steering wheel.

Boulevard Cruiser Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles

Pickersleigh Speedshop Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles


The Pickersleigh Speedshop commission is Malvern’s own nod to the bellytank racers and yard-built custom creations that have emerged from workshops worldwide since the 1950s, often seen in street racing and on desert salt flats. Pickersleigh Speedshop’s full vehicle livery is hand-painted with meticulous attention to detail, contrasting a striking metallic silver paint with bright red.


The Space Race commission draws direct inspiration from the great space race of the 1950s, a humanity-defining moment that had major influence on popular culture, technology and design – and of course, the unique and striking design of Super 3. A full vehicle livery is applied to the gloss white paint under lacquer, evoking the leading lines, colourways and graphical treatment akin to space shuttles or lunar rovers. A contrast painted cowl and steering rack cover are colour matched to the front and rear castings.

Space Race Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles

Warp Speed Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles


The Warp Speed commission is inspired by retro-futuristic transportation, often created for sci-fi movies for use in faraway galaxies and free from the constraints of modern automotive design. These creations provided a direct inspiration for Super 3 and are displayed in striking fashion on this commission. A polished aluminium cowl, roll hoop, exhaust and sideblade combination are contrasted with vibrant yellow paint, anodised red and blue dashboard switches and Warp Speed graphics throughout.


The Scramble the Jets commission is inspired by the radical design influence of the jet age, brought about through the invention of the jet engine in the mid-20th Century. In direct reference to Morgan’s own three-wheeled design evolution, the introduction of the Super 3 – which replaced the previous v-twin powered model – was akin to moving from bi-plane to jet in both design, engineering and performance. Featuring a two-tone dark and light grey colourway, a yellow nose cone and red ‘bomb-release’ start switch, this commission is further enhanced by a unique aviation inspired livery that features throughout.

Scramble The Jets Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles

Charlie Mike Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles


The Charlie Mike commission is inspired by the utilitarian aesthetic and adventurous spirit of military reconnaissance vehicles, specified to explore the most remote regions around the world. Meaning ‘Continue Mission’, Charlie Mike is designed to encourage adventure, despite adversity, and is equipped with a full range of luggage and accessory options to suit. The interior and exterior panels, as well as the front wheels, are specified in a coordinating khaki colour, paired with a technical ‘khaki sand’ technical fabric. A full vehicle military inspired livery compliments rear and side-mounted luggage racks and matching beige bungee cords.


The Fast Forward commission draws its inspiration from the Japanese-led tech and gaming revolution of the 1980s which saw the emergence of bold and simple graphical elements. Chosen as an inspiration theme due to its direct impact on Super 3’s digital dials, their playful style forming a key part of the user experience. Fast Forward’s striking white paint with vibrant graphical livery is further enhanced with the addition of coordinated white front wheels and a polished aluminium cowl.

Fast Forward Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles

Whoosh Bang Pop Front Iso 5 7 1 - Williams Automobiles


The Whoosh Bang Pop commission draws from the vibrant block colour application of the pop art movement, that emerged in the United Kingdom and the United States during the mid-to-late 1950s., with impactful graphics and playful narratives transposed into an arresting comic book strip applied to the aluminium body panels of Super 3. Overlaid on top of a two-tone Heron Grey and Belfast Blue paint combination.

Each of the Super 3 Origins commissions is supplied with a bespoke artwork, imagined by the same designers who created Super 3 and the full Origins collection. All nine commissions are available to order now from Morgan’s global dealership network, including the USA. Priced from £47,995 inc UK VAT, due to the complex nature of the collection, each commission is individually priced and available to specify with additional options.

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Super 3 Origins Hero 01 - Williams Automobiles

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