Nobody said that trying to transport a car on your own would be easy. Even when you own a Lotus 7 (or Caterham7) with a lightweight design, it doesn’t mean that the task gets easier. Even though transport companies offer multiple options to help you get your Lotus 7 where it needs to go, it doesn’t mean that all of them are the right ones for you and your unique situation. So, what are you supposed to do when it comes to transporting this sports car?


Transporting vehicles is more than packing them into a box and placing a stamp on it. There is more that must be considered when you are shipping a car. Should you do open or enclosed transport? What do you need to do to get it ready to be moved? You are also tasked with finding the right company to handle your Lotus 7 – which you don’t trust to just anyone!


The million-dollar question, and the most important, is what method of transport are you going to choose – enclosed or open transport? For the sake of your Lotus 7, hopefully, you are leaning more toward the closed transport, but what kind of guide would this be if we didn’t look at both options?

Both methods of transport are just as they sound, open or enclosed. Open transport means that your Lotus 7 will be exposed to the elements, so unless you plan it just right, you could be subjecting your car to rain and other unforeseen elements.

Disaster? Most likely.

On the other hand, enclosed transport encloses your car in a protective transport shell to keep the weather and other unsuspecting elements away from it. A1 Auto Transport’s article on Enclosed Car Transport answers whether or not you need enclosed transport. You may not always need to use enclosed transport, but it should be considered for longer distances in most circumstances.


You may not be privy to this golden piece of information, but there are better times of the year to transport your Lotus 7. Transporting it 30 miles is much different than transporting it 300 miles. Depending on what type of transport you choose, the weather may play a major part in the experience.

You can probably get away with open transport for 50 miles and under – with proper planning. Further than that and you risk sudden downpours and other elements working against you. When in doubt, stick to enclosed transport.

Weather is unpredictable. We know this—April showers, May flowers, and so on. We know that those Springtime showers can turn into hail and downpours in a blink of an eye. Hail dents cars, and heavy rain can flood an interior. If you are thinking of transporting your Lotus 7, look at the weather in both pick-up and destination locations (and everywhere along the way).


You know your Lotus 7 deserves only the best. You wouldn’t be looking for the right way to transport it if you didn’t believe that. Some of the best quality services come in the form of “Exotic and Luxury Car Transport.” The benefits of using services like these are more than specialized transport but the additional perks that come along with it.

· Luxury enclosed transport vehicles are made with air ride suspension to promote a smoother ride

· Brackets within the enclosed transport trailer feature wall and floor brackets, allowing for a more secure fit

· The interior and exterior are covered even if using the enclosed transport for additional protection

· Luxury enclosed trailers include hydraulic lift gates for safer loading and unloading

· Drip guards are in place to ensure that any leaks are prevented during transport


You don’t throw a vase in a box to ship it without taking the proper precautions. If you did this, it would most definitely arrive in pieces, even with FRAGILE on the box. When you have your Lotus 7 transported, you can’t have expectations you don’t prepare for.

1. Wash your car before you transport it. You might even consider having it detailed inside and out to ensure that it is in the best shape it can be before it gets transported.

2. Take photographs of any existing damage that may be on your Lotus 7. Here you can see why number 1 is important. You want to be able to see any dings, dents, and scratches that might already be present. You and the transport representative will be signing off on the bill of lading for all of these imperfections.

3. To be safe, remove anything of value from your car for transport. It’s unlikely that you have expensive stereo equipment in your vehicle, but if you have upgraded to a fancy CD player, remove the cover plate too.

4. If there is a loose part, take it off. Antennas are removable, so make sure you take them off. While some accessories are unlikely on your Lotus 7, we can’t point out enough how important it is to removed things that are not “standard” or are removable from your car.

5. If applicable to your situation, you may have your mechanic do a maintenance check before you transport. Many of these are for cross-country relocations, not necessarily taking your Lotus to a car show.

6. Empty the fluids and make sure you have under a quarter of a tank of gas. Not only is gas a combustible fluid, but it also adds weight to the transport. We aren’t saying to empty the oil, transmission fluid, or other operationally important fluids – lower the amount of gas, drain your windshield washer fluid. If you aren’t going to be starting up and driving the car right away, you might be able to drain the antifreeze/coolant reservoir (just the reservoir).

7. Make sure you have an extra set of keys with you. You will be giving your keys to the driver of the truck that is transporting your car. Not that it will happen, but things get lost – you might be thankful you have that extra set of keys.


When you decide you want to transport your Lotus 7, you need to make sure you find a company that can do the job (and right). The transport company you consider should offer fair and transparent pricing. The last thing you want is to get your Lotus 7 loaded on the trailer and find out that there are extra fees associated with the quote you received.

Knowledge is power in the automotive transport industry. If the transporter doesn’t know cars, how can they transport them efficiently? Ensure your transporter knows what the Lotus 7 is, the special features, dynamics, and can efficiently care for your vehicle.

To get the best insight into transporting your Lotus 7, call more than one reputable auto transport company. Your car is your investment, and you need to leave it in good hands. Much like you wouldn’t point at a map and visit the doctor closest, you want to research who you choose.

Research. Transport. Safe Lotus 7 Arrival (on-time).