As you will already be aware, there is a lot of information on the internet relating to servicing for the Lotus range, I hope the information contained in here will help to make it clearer to understand what is required when servicing your Elise.

K Series Engine Elise: The K series Elise service intervals were distinguished by letters, they were A, B and C. These services are carried out every 9,000 miles or annually (whichever occurs sooner) and were initially in the order A, A, B, A, A, C. In 2004 this order became a little more confused as the timing belt is part of a C service but Lotus now recommend that the timing belt is replaced every 4 years regardless of miles, anyone choosing to avoid replacing the timing belt do so at the risk of an expensive engine repair bill!

The 'A' Service: At Williams Lotus, the A service includes replacing the engine oil with approved high quality oil such as Shell, Castrol, Valvoline or Petronas. The oil filter and sump plug washer are also replaced as part of the oil change. The rest of the 3 hours are spent inspecting the engine and transmission for oil leaks, checking the condition of the auxilliary belt and ignition system, checking the coolant level and system for leaks. We also connect the Lotus scanner tool to the ECU to check for any stored fault codes. The brakes are checked for disc and pad thickness, the brake fluid level is checked and all hoses and pipes are checked for condition. The steering and suspension including toe link ball joints, dampers, wheel bearings driveshafts, ball joints are all checked for condition and safety. The tyre condition and pressure are checked and set as required. All lights and electrical equipement are tested for operation. Finally, the screenwash is checked and topped up.

The 'B' Service: The 'B' service includes all items checked and replaced as part of an 'A' service but requires an additional half an hour labour time as the air filter and spark plugs are replaced and the timing belt is checked for condition.

The 'C' Service: In addition to everything required at a 'B' service the 'C' service requires an additional 3 and a half hours labour. The additional time is spent replacing the timing belt (also known as the cam belt), renewing the transmission oil and replacing the fuel filter. As mentioned previously, Lotus advise the timing belt should be replaced every 4 years instead of every 6 years. Additionally, the brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years and the coolant should be replaced every 4 years - these jobs are in addition to the various A, B & C services.

Toyota engine Elise and Exige: When the Toyota engine entered the Lotus range, the A, B & C service intervals were dropped in favour of a simple annual service regime with additional items required at mileage / time intervals. The Toyota engines run on a timing chain instead of a belt.

The Annual Service: The annual service includes replacing the engine oil with a fully synthetic high quality engine oil as recommended by Lotus Cars. The oil filter and sump plug washer are also replaced as part of the oil change. The rest of the 3 hours are spent inspecting the rest of the Lotus just as we would on a K series engine Elise.

The 2 year / 18,000 mile intervals the brake fluid must be replaced and the auxiliary drive belt must be replaced on supercharged Elise

The 3 year / 27,000 mile intervals the air filter should be replaced and the transmission oil should be checked

The 4 year / 36,000 mile intervals the engine coolant should be renewed and on the new supercharged Elise the charge cooler coolant must be renewed. All supercharged cars should have the spark plugs replaced as well.

The 6 year / 54,000 mile intervals the transmission oil should be renewed.

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