Ceramic Paint Coatings

Ceramic Coatings: What Are They and Should You Get One?

Williams we always want the best for our customers and cars. We have been using ceramic coatings
for many years (even if we don’t shout about it) and want to explain in detail what this is and
how it will benifit your sports car.

you are looking for an incredibly long-lasting way to protect your car’s exterior from the
elements, then you’ve probably heard of the term “ceramic coating” before. This is a clear
coating formulated for use on the paint, glass and alloys, to provide years of protection. Here
is everything you need to know about ceramic coatings and why they are so beneficial.

Ceramic coatings
contain silicon dioxide, typically derived from quartz crystals in a liquid format. When applied
to a car’s exterior, the coating forms a clear layer of protection which is very hydrophobic,
slick, and durable. The overall aim is to keep the car looking cleaner and newer for longer. It
also makes the car much easier to clean in the future.

Who Are Ceramic Coatings Aimed Towards?

Ceramic coatings appeal to sports car owners who want their vehicle to look
great and stay cleaner for longer. Many new car owners opt for ceramic coatings because they provide
a high-level of protection and outstanding durability to help keep the car looking newer for longer,
but that doesn’t mean that older vehicles won’t benefit. Ceramic coating an older car is a wise
choice because it helps to avoid the vehicle from showing its age by keeping the exterior

Advantages of Ceramic Coatings

There are numerous features of ceramic coatings which make them a stand-out exterior protection option

  • Outstanding durability
  • High-level of protection
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Impressive hydrophobicity
  • High-gloss finish
  • Scratch-resistance

Outstanding Durability

Ceramic coatings typically last for several years, and the most premium grades can even last up to 5
years. They last far longer than more traditional forms of paint protection. Typically natural waxes
last only a few months, and sealants last around 6-12 months on average. This is one of the reasons why
choosing a ceramic coating is becoming such a popular option, because it gives car owners peace of mind
that their vehicle is protected, even if they don’t get chance to re-wax it every few months.

High Level of Protection

The level of protection that a ceramic coating gives to the vehicle’s exterior is also outstanding. All
cars are subject to abuse by the elements, even if you dont use yours to often.

Ceramic coatings are able to protect the
exterior from:

  1. UV rays
  2. Water spots
  3. Dirt and grime
  4. Other “contaminants”

Exposure to UV rays will cause the paintwork to become dull over time. The structure of the paintwork on
modern cars means that a clear layer of paint, known as the “clear coat”, sits on top of the base layer,
which provides the car’s colour. The aim of the clear coat is to shield the base coat so the colour
stays looking vibrant.

However, the clear coat will eventually wear away over time, leaving the base coat exposed to UV rays
which cause it to fade quickly. Ceramic coatings shield the clear coat to prevent it from degrading and
consequently, help to keep the colour looking fresh.

Water spots are also particularly damaging to the paintwork. Whilst they may seem harmless, the chalky
residue left behind from the water when it evaporates can be corrosive to the paintwork. This residue is
essentially, all the impurities that were being held in the water. If left to sit on the paintwork, it
can cause “etching”, which means a small groove will form where the clear coat has eroded. Ceramic
coatings prevent this from happening by providing a resistant layer of protection to maintain the
integrity of the clear coat.

Have you ever felt your car’s paintwork when it was clean, and noticed that it still feels rough? This is
because there are embedded “contaminants” in the paint. These include water spots, tar, iron fallout
(from brake disks, industry and railways) and tree sap. These contaminants cannot be removed by routine
washing once they become embedded in the clear coat. Not only do they cause it to feel rough, but they
also contribute to an overall dull appearance. One of the protective roles of a ceramic coating, is to
prevent this contamination building up.

Contaminants find it a lot harder to stick to ceramic coatings, so can be more easily washed away. And
even if they do manage to attach to the coating, they will not penetrate through to the paintwork,
keeping it protected.

Impressive Hydrophobicity

Another massive benefit of applying a ceramic coating to your car, is that is provides a super
hydrophobic layer of protection. This is really useful for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it helps to keep the car looking cleaner. When you drive in the rain, dirty water from the road
will spray up onto the lower panels of the car. If it is allowed to dry, then it will leave a layer of
dirt and grime on the paintwork. Ceramic coatings allow the water to “sheet” off the surface, leaving it
dry. Hence, the dirt and grime are unable to cling to the paint.

This ability of the coating to sheet water off the surface, instead of letting it sit on the panel, also
prevents water spots and stains. On an uncoated car, the water will stick to the paintwork and
evaporate, leaving water spots behind. On a ceramic coating, this water beads up and rolls off the
paintwork, particularly if you drive the car after it has rained. This helps to remove the surface water
and keep the finish water spot-free.

High Gloss Finish

Everyone wants a shinier looking car, so it’s good news to know that ceramic coatings are prized for
leaving a high-gloss finish to the paintwork. This is due to both the coating’s properties, and the
preparation that goes into applying them properly, which really enhances the finish.

Scratch Resistenace

Since ceramic coatings form a tough layer of protection on the surface, it is probably not a massive
surprise that this offers some level of scratch-resistance. It will not protect the car from deeper
scratches; however, it does provide some protection from minor clear coat scratches, which are commonly
inflicted during the wash process. A build-up of these clear coat scratches causes the paintwork to look
dull over-time.

It’s important to note though, that ceramic coatings will not make the paintwork scratch-proof by any
means, but it is reassuring to know that they offer a step-up in terms of protection when compared to

The Next Stage

If you are interested in having your sports car professionly ceramic coated then please feel free to
contact Williams and we can discuss options. Each car is different depending on age and paint type but
once complete to will be a huge benefit to you and your car.

New Morgan Plus Range Arrives


We are pleased to announce that our new MY23 morgan sports cars have arrives at Williams. The first in
the UK.

The Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six have been given a range of updates for 2023, with both
models picking up significant changes to their chassis’, technology and safety systems.

The updates will
apply to models built from January 2023-onwards, with final specifications and pricing to be finalised
closer to the new year.

These changes begin under the skin, where the suspension on both models has been modified with new
dampers and bushes. The new dampers, which are still passive, promise improved compliance at low speeds
and better control at high speeds. These are paired with new bushes that increase low-frequency
refinement, making both the Plus Four and Plus Six more compliant and therefore more composed over rough

The braking systems have also been completely redesigned, with new hardware developed in collaboration
with AP Racing and fresh ABS and ESP systems from Continental. The new ESP system is a first for Morgan,
and is variable in calibration depending on the selected drive mode. The ESP system has also been
calibrated specifically for each powertrain variant, be that the four-cylinder in six-speed manual or
eight-speed automatic forms, or the auto-only straight-six. Morgan’s also added new passive safety
features, incorporating front driver and passenger airbags for the first time.

Power figures for both powertrain options are the same as before, giving the smaller Plus Four figures of
255bhp and 258lb ft of torque delivered from BMWs modular B48 turbocharged 2-litre four-cylinder. The
more powerful Plus Six produces 335bhp and 369lb ft from the twin-turbocharged 3-litre straight-six.
Both automatic models feature Sport and Sport+ modes for the transmission which have new calibrations
for the 2023 model year.

Enquire on New Plus Range

Alongside these technical upgrades, Morgan has also introduced a range of new styling elements inside the
cabin, including a new superformed aluminium dashboard that incorporates a larger and more useful
digital display. This is mounted in front of the driver, and supplements the redesigned analogue dials.

The centre console has also been redesigned, and is now available in a new selection of veneers with
metallic inlays, while tactile elements like the interior door handles and new fabric trim options give
the whole interior a more hand-crafted feel. This lift in interior ambiance is reinforced by a new
high-spec Sennheiser sound system on the options list, which combined with new seats and higher quality
interior trim aimed to make the Plus Four and Plus Six a more luxurious daily driver.

plus six

Williams Open Day 2022

Williams Open Day

After two years of waiting Williams Automobiles are proud to invite you to our 2022 Open Day on Saturday
30th July. Open to all our customers are their friends.

The usual Williams BBQ will be available
all day along with teas and coffees.

This year we are celebrating 60 years of the Morgan Motor
Companies win in TOK258 at Le Mans and with the launch of the new Plus Four LM62 we have invited the
fantastic Richard Shepherd Baron who drove that winning car to be our guest speaker this

The open day will start at 10am with the main talk around 11.30. We will have live music
during the day and of course many sports cars to view.

We would like to get as many LeMans Morgan
cars on the day as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the dealership soon.

visit our Eventbrite page to register your place.

Book Open

Transporting a Caterham 7


Nobody said that trying to transport a car on your own would be easy. Even when you own a Lotus 7 (or
Caterham7) with a lightweight design, it doesn’t mean that the task gets easier. Even though transport
companies offer multiple options to help you get your Lotus 7 where it needs to go, it doesn’t mean that
all of them are the right ones for you and your unique situation. So, what are you supposed to do when
it comes to transporting this sports car?


Transporting vehicles is more than packing them into a box and placing a stamp on it. There is more that
must be considered when you are shipping a car. Should you do open or enclosed transport? What do you
need to do to get it ready to be moved? You are also tasked with finding the right company to handle
your Lotus 7 – which you don’t trust to just anyone!


The million-dollar question, and the most important, is what method of transport are you going to choose
– enclosed or open transport? For the sake of your Lotus 7, hopefully, you are leaning more toward the
closed transport, but what kind of guide would this be if we didn’t look at both options?

Both methods of transport are just as they sound, open or enclosed. Open transport means that your Lotus
7 will be exposed to the elements, so unless you plan it just right, you could be subjecting your car to
rain and other unforeseen elements.

Disaster? Most likely.

On the other hand, enclosed transport encloses your car in a protective transport shell to keep the
weather and other unsuspecting elements away from it. A1 Auto Transport’s article on Enclosed Car Transport answers whether or not you need enclosed
transport. You may not always need to use enclosed transport, but it should be considered for longer
distances in most circumstances.


You may not be privy to this golden piece of information, but there are better times of the year to
transport your Lotus 7. Transporting it 30 miles is much different than transporting it 300 miles.
Depending on what type of transport you choose, the weather may play a major part in the experience.

You can probably get away with open transport for 50 miles and under – with proper planning. Further than
that and you risk sudden downpours and other elements working against you. When in doubt, stick to
enclosed transport.

Weather is unpredictable. We know this—April showers, May flowers, and so on. We know that those
Springtime showers can turn into hail and downpours in a blink of an eye. Hail dents cars, and heavy
rain can flood an interior. If you are thinking of transporting your Lotus 7, look at the weather in
both pick-up and destination locations (and everywhere along the way).


You know your Lotus 7 deserves only the best. You wouldn’t be looking for the right way to transport it
if you didn’t believe that. Some of the best quality services come in the form of “Exotic and Luxury Car
Transport.” The benefits of using services like these are more than specialized transport but the
additional perks that come along with it.

· Luxury enclosed transport vehicles are made with air ride suspension to promote a smoother ride

· Brackets within the enclosed transport trailer feature wall and floor brackets, allowing for a more
secure fit

· The interior and exterior are covered even if using the enclosed transport for additional protection

· Luxury enclosed trailers include hydraulic lift gates for safer loading and unloading

· Drip guards are in place to ensure that any leaks are prevented during transport


You don’t throw a vase in a box to ship it without taking the proper precautions. If you did this, it
would most definitely arrive in pieces, even with FRAGILE on the box. When you have your Lotus 7
transported, you can’t have expectations you don’t prepare for.

1. Wash your car before you transport it. You might even consider having it detailed inside and out to
ensure that it is in the best shape it can be before it gets transported.

2. Take photographs of any existing damage that may be on your Lotus 7. Here you can see why number 1 is
important. You want to be able to see any dings, dents, and scratches that might already be present. You
and the transport representative will be signing off on the bill of lading for all of these

3. To be safe, remove anything of value from your car for transport. It’s unlikely that you have
expensive stereo equipment in your vehicle, but if you have upgraded to a fancy CD player, remove the
cover plate too.

4. If there is a loose part, take it off. Antennas are removable, so make sure you take them off. While
some accessories are unlikely on your Lotus 7, we can’t point out enough how important it is to removed
things that are not “standard” or are removable from your car.

5. If applicable to your situation, you may have your mechanic do a maintenance check before you
transport. Many of these are for cross-country relocations, not necessarily taking your Lotus to a car

6. Empty the fluids and make sure you have under a quarter of a tank of gas. Not only is gas a
combustible fluid, but it also adds weight to the transport. We aren’t saying to empty the oil,
transmission fluid, or other operationally important fluids – lower the amount of gas, drain your
windshield washer fluid. If you aren’t going to be starting up and driving the car right away, you might
be able to drain the antifreeze/coolant reservoir (just the reservoir).

7. Make sure you have an extra set of keys with you. You will be giving your keys to the driver of the
truck that is transporting your car. Not that it will happen, but things get lost – you might be
thankful you have that extra set of keys.


When you decide you want to transport your Lotus 7, you need to make sure you find a company that can do
the job (and right). The transport company you consider should offer fair and transparent pricing. The
last thing you want is to get your Lotus 7 loaded on the trailer and find out that there are extra fees
associated with the quote you received.

Knowledge is power in the automotive transport industry. If the transporter doesn’t know cars, how can
they transport them efficiently? Ensure your transporter knows what the Lotus 7 is, the special
features, dynamics, and can efficiently care for your vehicle.

To get the best insight into transporting your Lotus 7, call more than one reputable auto transport
company. Your car is your investment, and you need to leave it in good hands. Much like you wouldn’t
point at a map and visit the doctor closest, you want to research who you choose.

Research. Transport. Safe Lotus 7 Arrival (on-time).

All New Morgan 3 Wheeler

The All New Morgan 3 Wheeler

Register Your Interest Today With Williams Morgan

When did you last regard a journey by motor car as an adventure?

We at Williams are very pleased to announce that Morgan will launch an all-new 3 Wheeler very shortly – a
thoroughly modern machine using the same advanced aluminium chassis technology as the new Plus Four and
Plus Six roadsters, but which the firm claims will offer the same raw driving experience as the outgoing
10-year-old model.

Please click the link below to register your interest today. We are also taking
refundable £2000 deposits.

The release below has us very excited and we know we have a good following of people interested in
this new model. If you wish to register your details for more information first or even place a
deposit to ensure you are one of the first people to order one, please register your details on the
above link.


  • The vehicle in the accompanying photographs is confirmed as the
    replacement for the Morgan 3 Wheeler undergoing testing.
  • The new model will be defined by its all-new design, significant
    engineering enhancements, and a spirit of adventure.
  • New design language inspired by the early jet age ensures that the new
    model will be instantly recognisable from its predecessors.
  • The all-new model will be powered by an internal combustion engine at
    launch, specifically an inline three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine from Ford
  • The use of a Ford engine continues Morgan’s long-established
    application of Ford engines. In fact, the company has used Ford engines in both three and
    four-wheeled models since 1933.

Malvern, 1 September 2021

The Morgan Motor Company has confirmed it is working on an all-new three-wheeled vehicle to replace the
outgoing Morgan 3 Wheeler. An early glimpse of the model shows a heavily disguised engineering prototype
undergoing durability testing.

Having previously stated “The Morgan 3 Wheeler will return”, this announcement of a new model officially
marks the beginning of the next chapter in the story of Morgan’s three-wheeled vehicles.

Whilst a name is not confirmed for the new three-wheeled model, it will be defined by an all-new design,
adventurous character, and significant engineering advancements. In particular, the vehicle will take
inspiration from the many owners of the outgoing model that have embraced adventure travel and touring,
and whose incredible journeys have reached all corners of the globe.

Whilst many details on the new model are yet to be announced, the use of an internal combustion engine
can be confirmed. Specifically, a naturally aspirated inline three-cylinder Ford engine, which continues
the company’s long-standing use of Ford powerplants. Its testing and durability programme marks the most
extensive validation of any Morgan ever developed.



Morgan unveils the Plus Four CX-T, a car with adventure at its core. A vehicle with capability not yet
witnessed on aMorgan sports car, it opens up the possibility of routes, landscapes and destinations
inaccessible by Morgan cars untilnow.

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is inspired by Morgan’s well documented history of competing in all-terrain
endurancetrials. As early as 1911, Morgan sports cars were competing and winning in trials competitions,
and this spirit ofadventure has been key to shaping the Morgan brand ever since. The more adventurous
journeys that are frequentlyundertaken by Morgan customers all over the world have further fuelled the
desire for Morgan to imagine the PlusFour CX-T.

Following the launch of the Plus Four in 2020, Morgan partnered with Rally Raid UK, renowned creator of
Dakar racecars, to jointly design and engineer the Plus Four CX-T. One of the aims of the project is to
demonstrate the capabilityand durability of Morgan’s new CX-Generation platform, along with the Plus
Four upon which the CX-T is based. Just eight vehicles will be built, priced from £170,000 plus local
taxes and supplied in full overland specification.

EveryPlus Four CX-T is built at Morgan’s factory in Malvern, Worcestershire, before undergoing the final
preparation and setup at Rally Raid UK’s own workshop facilities. Morgan’s design and engineering team
have worked alongside RallyRaid UK throughout the programme to define the concept, specification,
technical attributes, and aesthetic of the model.

CX-T Technical details

The exterior of the Plus Four CX-T is designed to maximise luggage and equipment carrying capacity, and
provide theoccupant protection necessary for extreme environments. Simultaneously, Morgan has ensured
that its visual designreflects this capability and purposefulness.

Most prominently, the rear panel of the vehicle has been replaced with an equipment rack, with unique
side bodypanels designed to be reminiscent of the classic four-seater Morgan.

The rack houses two ruggedised and waterproof Pelican luggage cases, a Zarges aluminium tool/storage box,
twoRotopax 11-litre containers and two spare wheel/tyre assemblies. Additionally, for those who venture
further off thebeaten track, recovery equipment is mounted on the exterior of the car within easy reach
when required. All exteriormounting systems for all storage and equipment have been painstakingly
engineered to be tough and easy to accesswhen needed.

The external protective exoskeleton can also be adapted to carry leisure equipment such as bikes and surf
boards, tocompliment the lifestyle activities of the owner, while the removable side screens can be
mounted onto the roof of thevehicle, allowing them to be carried unobtrusively in case of a change in
weather conditions.

Rally Raid UK undertook a complete study of the standard Plus Four vehicle to determine the possibilities
for theconversion. This study included durability assessments of the platform, drivetrain, and
suspension systems.

The suspension has been designed to be expedition ready: tough and fit for purpose. Durability, and a
drive-overobstacle clearance of 230mm, has been achieved using modified Plus Six wishbones. These widen
the track and allowfor the extra arc of movement required to achieve the desired suspension performance.
The wheel arch apertureshave also been modified, allowing the suspension to compress deep into the wheel
well, providing maximum tractionand stability.

EXE-TC coilover assemblies with internal bump stops are used, these have been developed by EXE-TC
specifically forthe vehicle. These assemblies are born from off-road competition, and are calibrated to
provide the ideal balance ofcompliance and durability.

In addition to the main suspension hardware, the lower suspension arms contain bespoke bushes which
further increasedurability. The combined suspension package is optimised to undertake journeys never
before attempted in a Morgansports car, while ensuring composure and comfort during any excursion into
the back country.

A five-piece underbody protection system – comprising an engine guard, rear chassis guard, mid-section
shield and rearundertray – helps to protect the chassis and important components from damage when
driving in extreme conditions.The car is also fitted with a full bespoke exhaust system with rear
side-exit that improves the departure angle andcontributes to 230mm of ground clearance.

The Plus Four CX-T uses a BMW X-Drive electronic differential with bespoke software, calibrated and
tested specificallyfor the application. Switches inside the cabin allow a choice of three modes to be
selected depending upon the drivingconditions; each mode varies the degree of differential lock that is
applied. Selecting ‘Road’ mode fully opens thedifferential, while ‘All-Terrain’ mode applies
approximately 45% lock to the rear differential, allowing some variationtorque distribution between the
rear wheels. ‘All-Terrain – Extreme’ mode fully locks the rear differential, providing equal torque to
both rear wheels. The two All-Terrain modes are designed to be used when tackling rough surfacesand
low-traction conditions. The final drive ratio has also been shortened to account for the larger
diameter tyres andsuit all-terrain usage.

Inside the cabin of the Plus Four CX-T features have been added to improve occupant comfort and usability
in remoteenvironments. A RAM mount track is built into to the dashboard to allow the secure fixing of a
variety of devices suchas phones or cameras. A flexible map light, pencil and notebook holder have also
been integrated, all designed towithstand operation in harsh driving environments.

Cabin stowage has also been optimised with the addition of a removable map/document holder and insulated
cool bag,both located in the passenger footwell. A custom-made first aid kit is mounted to the internal
roll cage behind the seats.Just like the exterior equipment, every interior feature has been designed
with accessibility and convenience in mind,whether this is for use in remote conditions or the leisure
pursuits of the owner. The cabin is enclosed within acomposite hard top which is unique to the Plus Four
CX-T and has been intricately engineered to fit between theinternal and external roll cages.

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is the second of two special projects being produced by Morgan in 2021, with
the firstbeing the Plus 8 GTR. The introduction of the Plus Four CX-T also coincides with the
announcement of Model Year22 updates to the Plus Four and Plus Six, and helps to inform technical and
aesthetic advancements for Morgan’scurrent and future range of vehicles. The Plus Four CX-T is on sale
immediately, with all vehicles due to be built beforethe end of 2021.

Only 2 of these Morgan Plus Four CX-Ts are avaialble. For more information contact Williams Morgan today
on 01454315112.



This years Williams open day is held on 31st July at our dealership. Guest speaker is the world famous
rally driver Paddy Hopkirk.

To book use this link here.






We are delighted to announce that we will be re-opening the Williams Automobiles
Showrooms on Monday 1st June, with new working practices in place to keep everyone safe.

We have followed government guidance throughout all areas of our business in order to
safeguard our staff and customers and have issued our staff with clear work practice instructions.
When it comes to our showrooms, we have introduced strict social distancing, hygiene and cleaning
procedures and will be managing customer visits to ensure you have a great, worry-free

From now on WIlliams will operate by appointment only so please call us on 01454315112
to book in. We have plenty of space and will limit visitor numbers to ensure social distancing
throughout your visit and you you can expect a friendly wave instead of a handshake.

Our Code of Conduct includes a clear instruction to all our staff not attend work if
they become ill or have any Coronavirus symptoms. If they or any member of their household have or
are suspected of having Covid-19, they are required to stay at home and follow medical and
government instructions on self-isolating.

We would obviously ask you to do the same and not to visit us if you or any member of
your household has or is suspected of having the virus.

Whether your enquiry is sales, service or parts, our friendly team are ready to welcome
you to our beautiful, safe, countryside showrooms. We are available now to book cars in or discuss
car sales. Parts reopen on June 3rd.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

All New Morgan Plus Four

All New Morgan Plus Four

While the rest of the world gets tweaked about electric this and battery that, here comes Morgan with… a
new engine. Which has absolutely no kind of hybrid assistance. Kind of refreshing, when you think about
it. Also: an aluminium chassis.

If you’re a keen follower of the goings on in Malvern, you might recognise this template from the Plus
Six that was launched last year as a replacement for the Plus 8. Well, this is the new Plus Four, a
replacement for the Plus 4 (numerals for old cars, spelled out words for the new ones) and 97 per cent
new. Same basic CX-Generation aluminium chassis as the Six which, if you speak Roman numerals, you might
realise celebrates 110 years of Morgan production.

There are differences between Plus Six and Plus Four – the latter has different corner packaging to allow
for smaller wire wheels, and is 78mm narrower overall. The 97kg chassis is bonded aluminium (a la
Lotus), with the bodywork supported by an ash frame (there’s the wood). Suspension is by double
wishbones all round.

The major difference between the two cars is, as you’ve probably guessed, the engine. While the Plus Six
uses BMW’s straight six turbo, the Plus Four makes do with a 2.0-litre four cylinder. Which doesn’t
sound that exciting until you realise it only weighs 1,009kg and the motor in question is BMW’s single
turbo unit that develops 255bhp and 295lb ft. Now, for the Plus Four, this is a big step up – the old
car had an ancient Ford four cylinder and a Mazda gearbox – the new one has 65 per cent more power and
torque, yet also emits 30 per cent less CO2. As far as improvements on outgoing models go, this must be
unbeaten in the whole car industry. The claims are 40.4mpg and 159g/km on the WLTP cycle.

The numbers that probably matter more to you are 4.8secs and 149mph. That’s for the eight-speed
automatic. The six-speed manual is heavier (yes, if only by 4kg), and is only given 258lb ft to cope
with. Its 0-62mph is 5.2secs. Prices for the latter start at £62,995, with the auto being £2,000

But that’s not all. Standard equipment includes remote central locking, ABS brakes, power steering and
sun visors. You lucky people. For a bit extra you can even have a Bluetooth stereo. But let’s not be too
harsh. You don’t buy a Morgan to connect to the modern world, you buy it to escape from it.


Charity Track Day

Williams Charity Track Day 2020

More details to be announced soon but our Williams Charity track day will be help on May 19th this year
at Castle Combe Race Track.

Last year we raised more than £5000 for charity and this year we hope to do the same again.

Please book with us today. Use the link below too enquire now.