The 2015 Chase de Vere, Class Winning/Record Breaking 4/4 Sport

At Williams Morgan we can build Morgan race cars from the ground up. This is something we love to do.  We can assist you in any way to build the perfect car for you to suit the class you wish to enter.

We ran a very successful Class E 4/4 for 2 years winning many class races and taking a number of class records.

For the 2015 season we decided we would radically change the car building a Class D car to full regulations. We looked into exactly what we can do and thus managed to produce the lowest Morgan in the series and have built a car that handles amazingly. We are able to carry a lot more speed into corners than the rest of the class cars and many much larger engine car. On our 1st outing the year at Snetterton we took 2 class wins, two fasted laps and a new class record. We have, throughout the season continued to win our class and break class records, with Henry currently leading the Morgan Championship. What this space!

Please call Henry to chat about Morgan Race Cars.