Full Correction Detail

Full Correction Detail

Do you want your car to look as if it has just been painted?… If the answer is yes, then this is the detail for you. The Full Correction Detail corrects major paint defects/marks and restores cars of all ages to better than showroom condition.


  • PH neutral snow foam
  • Safe Tender Loving Care two bucket hand wash using PH balanced non-detergent shampoo with an ultimate 100% wool wash mitt
  • Microfiber towel dry
  • Clay bar with lubricant (to rid any stubborn stains such as tar spots or tree sap)
  • A 2-3+ stage paint correction treatment using a rotary machine polisher which will remove deeper paint swirls/marks, light scratches, hologramming, oxidation and marring
  • Pre-wax cleanser
  • High-grade Brazilian White Carnauba Wax applied (gives the exterior long-lasting protection and a lovely beading effect when raining)
  • Protection detail spray
  • Exterior and Interior Glass cleaned
  • Exterior plastics dressed
  • Wheels cleaned, Microfiber towel dried, sealed and tyres dressed
  • Interior vacuumed and dressed

Prices for the Full Correction Detail are dependent on the size and condition of the vehicle.

Total time needed for detail - 10 hours plus.

Cost: POA