Mini Car Detail

Mini Car Detail

The Mini Detail provides a convenient alternative to trying to find the time to wash your car yourself.

By using this service it cuts out the risks associated with using automatic car wash facilities, low quality valeting services and supermarket/shopping centre car washes.

We still use the same high quality products as we do for all our details. This is ideal anytime you would like your car washed… Take advantage of the highest quality products, materials and techniques we use.

Features Include

  • PH neutral snow foam
  • Safe Tender Loving Care two bucket hand wash using PH balanced non-detergent shampoo with an ultimate 100% wool wash mitt,
  • Vehicle Microfiber towel dried
  • Protection detail spray
  • Exterior and Interior Glass cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned, Microfiber towel dried and tyres dressed
  • Interior vacuumed

Price £49.95

When you book your car in for a service you can get a mini detail for £40.00 - please ask for more details.